Culpepper honored by hospital

Posted: Friday, November 20, 2015 12:00 am

By LINDSEY ADKISON The Brunswick News

If there is anyone who can be said to walk the walk in Glynn County, it’s the Rev. Wright Culpepper.

There are countless stories about the founder and executive director of FaithWorks Ministries in Brunswick, a faith-based charity organization, and how he’s bettered, literally, thousands of lives. Most of the people Culpepper aids are those society shuns — the homeless, the elderly, the destitute, the drug addicted.

He’s the one who’s always looking for an answer or a way to help. If there isn’t a path in place, Culppeper simply creates one. For example, when he became aware that homeless people could not be discharged from the hospital if they didn’t have an address, he developed a Homeless Transition Program that includes a house for temporary lodging and case management services to help them.

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FaithWorks Celebration of Service

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

FaithWorks held their annual “A Celebration of Service to Our Neighbor” fundraiser Sept. 10 at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Supporters gathered at more than 60 tables during the dinner, which included music by the FaithWorks Street Choir.

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Putting faith to work

The Brunswick News
Saturday, August 23, 2014

FaithWorks Ministries has been an integral and well-known part of the community with its various ministries that serve an expanse of needs throughout Brunswick and the Golden Isles.

From serving the hungry at Sparrows Nest to providing both local and international aid with its textile ministries and simply connecting local groups, classes, churches and organizations with people or needs in the community, someone would be pressed to find a corner of the community that FaithWorks hasn't touched.

Being able to serve so many doesn't come at a cheap cost. Led by the Rev. Wright Culpepper, FaithWorks missions are continually able to make a mark on the area in great part thanks to the generosity of others who see how they serve and bring faith to people's lives.

And for the second year in a row, the organization will be bringing people together to both share the word on its ministries as well as pull a few dollars together in support of them.

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Faithworks grateful for donations

The Brunswick News
August 10, 2015

Ever since he was a child, Zack Gowen has admired the Rev. Wright Culpepper, the executive director of FaithWorks in Brunswick.

That’s because the umbrella charity organization that Culpepper pilots lends a hand to a multitude of needy individuals in a variety of ways.

And as owner of the Georgia Sea Grill and Locos restaurants on St. Simons Island, Gowen has been in a position to help out at times with Culpepper’s efforts — particularly with The Well day shelter for the homeless and the Sparrow’s Nest food pantry.

“(Culpepper) is a man of his word,” Gowen said. “I believe that their charities and events that they have organized are not only great for our area, but shows the true meaning of practicing what you preach.”

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Terry Dickson: Brunswick homeless have a place to get out of the weather by day, but can they keep it?

Georgia Times-Union
Sat, May 23, 2015

BRUNSWICK | Helping the homeless is a big job. If you don’t believe it, the next time you’re in Jacksonville, drive down North Jefferson south of Union Street. You’ll see a lot of homeless people.

The Brunswick city commissioners are hearing about problems homeless are causing downtown, sleeping places they shouldn’t and panhandling. Some folks are blaming The Well, a day shelter for the homeless at a former bus station.

Greyhounds don’t stop at the bus depot anymore. The closest thing Thursday was DeeOhGee, or Dog, a big-headed brown dog dozing under a golf shirt in the shade of the canopy.

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The Well officially opens in Brunswick

The Brunswick News
Thursday, March 19, 2015

Annette Studmire swelled with pride as she walked through The Well on Wednesday. The former Greyhound bus station, smelling of fresh paint and wood, is shiny and new again. And Studmire, manager of the Faithworks-sponsored location, is certainly excited to see the fruits of her labor, as well as that of countless other volunteers, become a reality.

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