FaithWorks Southeast Georgia

Your gifts, both large and small, are greatly appreciated and help us to achieve our mission of making a difference in the lives of our neighbors.

For every dollar you donate, we are able to secure more than $10 in help for hungry and poor people in our community.  

Thank you for your generous support.

Abraham’s Promise Society – Monthly Giving

 “ And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing” - Genesis 12:2

We invite you to join today. Your monthly gift blesses others less fortunate and helps make a difference for them throughout the year. Your gift creates a predictable stream of financial support and enables us to make efficient plans for the future.

For every dollar you donate, we are able to secure more than $10 in help for hungry and poor people in our community. 

Donate By Mail

You can make a donation online by clicking the blue "Donate" button above.

You can also mail donation to our Post Office Box. Checks should be made out to "FaithWorks."

You may designate your gift for any one of our ministries if you wish. Undesignated gifts will be used where it is needed the most at the time.

P. O. Box 2902  
Brunswick, GA  31521

Mt. Horeb Society

Individuals, churches, and groups who give $5000 or more per year are considered as members of the Mount Horeb Society. It was at Mount Horeb that Moses heard the words of God saying "I have heard the cries of my people and I am sending you to say 'let my people go.'"

If you want to make a significant difference in helping address poverty, poor health, family breakdown or other systemic problems in Glynn County, please contact: Wright Culpepper at , or call him at (912) 261-8512.

Other Donations

We gladly accept donations of food, furniture, appliances, toiletries, computers, and vehicles.

Food and toiletries are given to families through our Sparrows Nest ministry.

Furniture and Appliances are given to families who have been burned or flooded out or to those who indicate that they have a need.

Computers are used in our offices or passed on to families who need them.

Vehicles are sold and the donor gets a tax donation receipt.

The Best Donation

The best donation is the gift of yourself. As you put your faith to work for God in service to others, then miracles happen! Take a look around your neighborhood. Check out the Brunswick News or Georgia Times Union. Read a church bulletin. There are people all around you that can benefit from your gifts of time and love.

Naturally, we would love to have you volunteer to participate in one of our ministries. Let us know if you need any information or how we can help you live out your faith.