Mission & History

Through its various ministries, FaithWorks offers pastoral care, case management, food, financial assistance, home maintenance, transportation, and a host of other services to over 20,000 people.

Volunteers have already given almost 12,000 hours in service -- and over 1250 individuals, families, churches, businesses and other organizations have provided financial support. FaithWorks understands that while we may believe differently, worship differently, and think differently, we have all heard the cry of those who are hurting in our community and we all feel the call to make a difference in some way.

FaithWorks began in 1995 as a ministry of the United Methodist Church to identify, to study, and to create models for ministry beyond the walls of the local church. It has developed into an ecumenical ministry which focuses on -- but is not limited to -- community healthcare services and poverty needs in Glynn County, GA and the surrounding Southeast Georgia area. You are invited to join us as we seek to put our faith to work so all might know that faith works!