As we prepare for the Christmas season, the FaithWorks team is reflecting on our 25-year journey. God’s grace has guided us in so many ways as we looked to bring our community together to help and heal those in need.


In this journey, I am reminded of the African proverb, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Taking this journey together, we have witnessed that when we put our faith to work, wonderful things do happen with God’s grace!


We see that even though we are diverse socially, economically, and in our faith traditions, we can form partnerships to serve our neighbors. We see that in spite of these differences, lives are transformed daily by your “random acts of kindness” as we all live out our faith serving the least of these in our community.



Over the past 24 years, we’ve helped thousands of our neighbors through difficult times. I want to share this story of hope you made possible.

“A young lady came to the Sparrow’s Nest in tears. She was desperate and could not find anyone to help her. She came in the door carrying her two-month-old daughter. She

shared with our team that she had full-time employment until she developed complications with her pregnancy.  Her doctor put her on bed rest for two months before her due date. After the baby’s birth, she was out of work for eight weeks caring for her newborn, all of this time without pay.”

It didn’t take long until she used up all of her savings to pay bills. She did the best she could with help from family and friends. However, it wasn’t enough. When she came to FaithWorks, her power was about to be shut off unless she paid her bill in full.”

We helped her pay her Georgia Power bill avoiding a shut-off. We also provided some much- needed food and baby items for her new daughter. She called a few days ago and let us know how much she appreciated the help and that she had returned to work


To celebrate the 25th year of our journey, I want you to join us in a special way. By sharing our blessings with so many suffering in our community who are hungry, living in poor health, or under- employed, we can show them hope and God’s saving grace.

Join us in this end of year annual campaign. Your contribution matters. When added to gifts of time, talent and treasure offered by our neighbors’ lives become transformed and our beloved community grows in compassion and heart.


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