FaithWorks Volunteers

The FaithWorks Way

FaithWorks encourages people to live out their faith with action. We might be holding a hand while someone is dying, praying before someone goes into surgery, or listening to someone in crisis. We might be picking up a piece of litter, hammering a nail, or painting a wall. We might be planting a seed, mentoring a child, or driving someone to the doctor.  FaithWorks can be different things to different people…an angel in a time of need…a resource.  We offer hope, encouragement, love and support.

FaithWorks lifts our community through

  • providing food for the hungry
  • providing a day resource and hospitality center for people who are homeless
  • getting help for people through social services
  • providing support and encouragement for cancer patients
  • providing financial assistance for those hurt by disasters
  • helping people experiencing homelessness develop skills to become employed
  • organizing transportation for medical services
  • providing counseling and guidance through pastoral care services and a host of other acts of service

FaithWorks Ministries


The Cancer Network of Hope

provides tender loving care to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.


The Samaria Initiative

encourages people of our community to visit their neighbors.

Sparrow's Nest Logo

Sparrow's Nest

is a clearing house for about 40 churches who wish to help those in crisis in our community.


The Well

is a resource and hospitality center for people experiencing homelessness.


Open Doors

ministry provides housing for previously homeless who have found work.


people annually in Glynn County & Southeast Georgia.

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Volunteer Center

Come and be a part of this exciting and rewarding experience by helping us help others.