Putting Our Faith To Work So All May Know That Faith Works

We Are All God's Children

We begin with the fundamental belief that all are children of God.  If children, then heirs of God and all that God has in store.  This basis guides our approach as to how we relate to our brothers and sisters.  We seek to see one another as God sees. We offer hospitality.  We listen.  We accept.  We love.  We act.  We are not as concerned about getting it right or doing it right, but that our thoughts, words and deeds are based on God’s love for all and our love for God.  We make mistakes.  We fall short.  We examine and review in order to improve and to serve more effectively. We extend the grace that has been extended to us.  FaithWorks is an affiliated ministry of the United Methodist Church.
Here's a word of testimony from our founder, Wright Culpepper

Our Mission

FaithWorks actively develops collaborative, ecumenical and secular partnerships that maximize resources that meet human needs. We seek to foster relationships and community spirit by connecting people to eliminate prejudice and to heal brokenness.

Our Vision

Putting Our Faith to Work So All May Know That Faith Works

Our History

FaithWorks began in 1995 as a ministry of the United Methodist Church to identify, study, and create models for ministry beyond the walls of the local church.

From its early years, FaithWorks has evolved into a community-focused ecumenical ministry that focuses on -- but is not limited to -- community healthcare services and poverty needs in Glynn County, GA and the surrounding Southeast Georgia area. 

More than 85 churches, 170 businesses and 51 service organizations support and participate in the fulfillment of FaithWorks’ mission today.

Board of Directors

Joanna Adams

Saint Simons Island, GA
Saint Simons Presbyterian Church

Mitchell Davenport

Saint Simons Island, GA
Wesley United Methodist Church

Joey Baldwin

Saint Simons Island, GA
Saint Simons UMC

William Horn (Emeritus)

Saint Simons Island, GA
Saint Williams Catholic Church

Jack Cantrell

Saint Simons Island, GA

Rev. VaCountess Johnson

Brunswick, GA

First United Methodist Church of Brunswick

Donald Long (President)

Saint Simons Island, GA
Lord of Life Lutheran Church

Jay Thaw

Saint Simons Island, GA
United Methodist

Rev. Scott Hagan (Ex Officio)

Statesboro, GA
South GA Conference UMC

Pam Unger

St. Marys, GA


Caption 4

Wright Culpepper
Executive Director

Jenna Kennedy

Jenna Kennedy
Minister of Operations

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Tab Miller

Director of Operations and Volunteer Ministries

Janice Applegate

Janice Applegate
Director Cancer Network of Hope

Charles Molloy HeadShot (1)

Charles Molloy
Chief Development Officer

Sabra Slade

Sabra Slade
Manager Sparrow’s Nest


Missy Morrison


Peter Vivenzio

Thornton Willingham

Thornton Willingham