Our Ministries



Have you or a family member been affected by cancer?

We all know what a devastating disease cancer is for an entire family.  Having a friend or family member diagnosed with cancer can stress any relationship.

Many of our neighbors receive a diagnosis, but don’t have the safety net of support to make doctor’s appointments or get to the lab for tests.

The Cancer Network of Hope provides tender loving care to those whose lives have been touched by cancer.

Our staff helps connect people with resources through local doctors and area outreach programs, as well as the Cancer Care Center of Southeast Georgia Health System, the American Cancer Society and the Georgia Cancer Coalition.  Volunteers offer a listening ear, a friendly hug, and helpful information.

Through this ministry, FaithWorks seeks to assure any of our neighbors with cancer that they are not alone and our community cares for their well-being.


Have you or a neighbor experienced hardship and/or hunger?

Too many of our neighbors work hard and live paycheck-to-paycheck, to keep their families afloat. When a crisis hits a family, keeping the power on, having food in the pantry and paying essential bills can be an extraordinary challenge.

The Sparrow's Nest ministry offers support for families experiencing such a crisis. Formed more than 15 years ago as a clearing house for 54 churches, the Sparrows Nest provides food and financial assistance to help those in crisis in our community.

If you know of someone whose family has been hit by a crisis, the Sparrow’s Nest is here to help them. To receive support, families must provide a bill, a photo ID, and proof that an emergency has happened recently (hospitalization, death, accident, fire, etc.) that has disrupted their normal cash flow.

If you wish to help families in need, FaithWorks accepts donated food items along with diapers, towels, washcloths, toiletries and other essential items at Sparrow's Nest located at 2911 Altama Ave., Brunswick.




The Samaria Initiative provides multiple opportunities to tear down the walls that divide us. 

When we make the effort to meet people that are different from us and go to places that we normally avoid, we soon discover we are not all that different from one another.  We all desire health, happiness, and a future for our children.  While we applaud groups that travel and offer ministry in other countries, we also contend that it is sometimes easier to go half way around the world than it is to go across the street.

There are needs all around us.  All we need to do is open our eyes and roll up our sleeves.


You see men and women in our community carrying their life’s belongings in shopping bags and back packs walking to get out of the elements or looking for a place to sleep. Doorways, under bridges, abandoned houses or cars become their homes, or for a lucky few the couch of a friend or relative.

The Well is a hospitality center for people who are homeless, providing resources such as a shower, laundry room, phone, internet access, and address for correspondence.

By providing this venue, FaithWorks helps those who are homeless with opportunities to reconnect with family members, access important services to help them leave the streets, and recover from sickness and disease.  Our guests often regain employment and restore hope in their lives.



logo opendoor2

Starting over when you are homeless can be daunting!  The stigma is real, employment doors close and neighbors can look away.  Getting back on track often comes down to someone simply “opening a door.”

The Open Doors program provides basic construction and home renovation skills to guests at The Well and other people who are homeless that have been referred to us by our local churches and social service partners.  If selected, participants will gain the basic skills necessary to join the workforce in an industry that is experiencing a severe labor shortage and rising wages. After successfully completing the first phase of the program, participants may be given the option to live in a house that they have helped to renovate.

Today, three people who were previously homeless are holding jobs, paying rent and living in a safe house.

How can you help?

  1. Please consider making a generous gift to support this life-changing effort.
  2. If you are able, please consider donating a house, building materials and renovation services.
  3. Consider the gift of time.  We need skilled tradespeople to mentor and teach our apprentices.

Pastoral Care

FaithWorks has contracted with Southeast Georgia Health System since 1997 to provide pastoral care chaplaincy to the Brunswick Campus. Our chaplains visit patients and their families as well as work with staff, nurses, and physicians.

While we visit with anyone who requests a visit or who is referred to us, we focus primarily on those who are in crisis and/or who do not have a pastor of their own.

We provide a chaplain on site for at least 40 hours per week and are on call 24/7 for emergency situations.

Social Services & Case Management

Many in our community suffer with chronic illness which can isolate them from others. Through its social services and case management work, FaithWorks reconnects people with essential public services, helping them to access health care safety net programs and secure themselves in life.

For instance, when homeless male patients are discharged from Southeast Georgia Health System, they are often too ill to return to the street or to the Salvation Army shelter. FaithWorks provides these patients a homelike atmosphere where they can recuperate for a few more days.