2021 Advent Campaign

Making Our Community The Best It Can Be

For our FaithWorks ministry, it is a time when we say thank you for being present in our ministry as God’s hands and feet as we share His love and compassion with our neighbors. 

Your participation in our mission reminds me of a story I recently heard. One day a grandmother asks her grandchild, “what do you want to be when you grow up?“ The grandchild responds, “Grandma, I want to be a better version of me!” Wow. Isn’t that what we all want to do – be the best or even just a better version of ourselves? FaithWorks’ good and best works are only possible because of your generosity – your prayers, your time, your talent, and your gifts of treasury. 

Many of our families are facing the holidays without a breadwinner, for the first time. They’re not sure how they will get through this season without their loved one who passed on during the pandemic. Take a look at this message from our founder, Rev. Wright A. Culpepper and consider a generous gift today.