Good News: Cancer Network of Hope- New Hospital Voucher Program

We share this good news, in these troubling days, to proclaim that when we come together in purpose, partnership and prayer we can make a positive difference in our community.
The Cancer Network of Hope, working with the Southeast Georgia Health System, launched a new program, earlier this month, to help offset the indirect costs of cancer treatment for in-treatment cancer patients and their caregivers.
Last fall, one of the Cancer Network of Hope’s volunteers came forward with an idea for a meal voucher program after hearing and learning of the concerns for meal coverage for cancer patients and their families. Because patients and caregivers face many costs not covered by insurance or Medicaid, with limited funds and fixed incomes, proper nutrition can take a back seat to recovery.
When we brought this concern to the Sea Island Foundation they generously committed in 2020 to underwriting the voucher program.
Sara Green heading the Cancer Network of Hope explains:
“For cancer patients, eating a healthy meal can be difficult. Radiation and chemotherapy have adverse effects on the body that make food tasteless, undesirable, and can zap a patient’s energy making it difficult even to cook a meal.”
“Free cafeteria vouchers are God-send for cancer patients and the loved ones that care for them. They help lift a financial burden and just importantly proclaims a message of hope to the patient and their families as we as a community support their recovery and future good health.”
The importance of this program is undeniable as the Nunnelly House, the Sea Island Foundation, Morrisons Healthcare Food Services and the Cancer Network of Hope, a FaithWorks ministry, join in this life-saving partnership.
We are delighted to share this good news as yet another example of how through generous hearts and open eyes, we can all witness our Faith in the services of the sick and most vulnerable in our community.
For more information about this program or helping out as a volunteer, please contact Sara Green at